Mount Toby Concerts Annual Report

September, 2015 – June, 2016


Our new concert series, “Mount Toby Concerts for Peace and Social Change,” began in September and ended in June, with a fine series of performers and good attendance at most concerts.  Our purposes in creating the series were outreach to our community, providing a venue for performers who cannot easily find performance opportunities, and support for musicians carrying forward the tradition of music as a voice for peace and justice; they are given 90% of the “gate” and sometimes 100%.  The concerts were well received by the Meeting as well as by the general public. The performers were exceptional in their presentations and in their songs for social change.


The schedule of artists was as follows:

September 27:     Charlie King

October 22:          John McCutcheon

November 21:      Tom Juravich and Teresa Healy

December 19:       Bev Grant with John Coster opening

January 16:          Annie Patterson and Peter Blood

February 20:        Magpie

March 12:            David Rovics

April 16:              Terry Kitchen & Mara Levine

May 21:               Sue Kranz & Ben Tousley

June 17:               Dave Lippman and Jay Mankita


Most of the performers are professional singer/songwriters whose music represents the mission of the Peace & Social Concerns Committee, the presenter of the concert series. Songs addressed social concerns such as peace & war, social justice, racial and economic equality, Palestinian suffering, and labor issues. They touched on present and historical events and issues; these songwriters offered poignant stories which were educational as well as entertaining.


The Peace & Social Concerns Committee thanks all who helped make the series a success:

Diane Crowe, coordinator

Roger Conant, financial manager

David Scott, stage builder

Beth Adams, refreshments

Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, sound equipment loan

Kit Johnson, sound

Jay Mankita, sound

Judi Campbell, posters

Janie & Don Stone, ticket takers

Dave Grodsky & Paddy Lane, traffic control and ticket takers

Ruth Hazzard & Claude Tellier, hospitality housing and ticket takers

Sue Alexander, hospitality housing

Many others helped with set-up and clean-up. Pardon if some were not mentioned.


Most of the concerts were well attended, except one. The Peace & Social Concerns Committee encourages the Mount Toby community to attend the concerts regularly. If the series is to be successful and continue, a core dedicated audience is needed. It is hoped that the concert dates will be added to members' priorities and that all the performers in the future will have good-sized audiences.


Future bookings for the series include:

September 17: emma's revolution

October 15:      Ellen Bukstel

November:       Sara Thomsen

December 17:  David Roth

In process of booking are: John McCutcheon, Reggie Harris & Pat Wictor and Anne Feeney.


Although Mount Toby policy is that gatherings such as this supported by the Meeting or its committees are not charged for use of the space, at the end of the year the series donated $337 to Mount Toby.  A summary of the concert series finances follows:


6,283.80    Gate receipts for the concerts
5,706.02    Given to the performers (90.8 %)
   577.78    Amount we kept from the gate receipts (9.2 %)
   210.50    Donations (for refreshments, etc)
   215.22    Expenses directly related to concerts (flyers, etc)
   235.28    Expenses for equipment, etc
   337.78    Given to MtToby to close the books