Faith and Practice

A look at Faith and Practice Chapter revision:

NEYM Faith and Practice Revision Committee has invited us to review a draft chapter  on Pastoral Care.  Please join us 1/6/19 and 2/3/19 at 9am in the Champney Room at Mt. Toby for an opportunity to respond to their work.  It is necessary to read the material ahead of time in order to be able to participate fully in the discussion.  Go to click on Draft Text on Pastoral Care.  A limited number of hard copies will be available in the Meetinghouse foyer.

We will focus on two questions, seeking to discern what is true for the life of our meeting:

  1. Was it helpful?
  2. What’s missing?

We look forward to exploring and sharing the text with you.

Mount Toby Care & Counsel, Ministry & Worship Committees


Below are links to the Faith and Practice handbook of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends (Book of Discipline). The first link is to a version  adopted and published in 1985 by New England Yearly Meeting of Friends (which is the organization comprising Friends meetings in the New England states). The second link is to the interim Faith and Practice, which is still under development..

Faith and Practice attempts

  • to communicate to members and inquirers the historic and continuing faith of Friends and
  • to outline procedures to be followed by meetings regarding membership, organization, the conduct of their affairs, and the concerns of the Society.

1985 Faith and Practice  online at New England Yearly Meeting website (

NEYM Interim Faith and Practice 2014 (2015 edition) online at NEYM