The 11:40 Hour programs are held on some Sundays after Meeting for Worship. These spiritually centered hours try to express the Spirit in our midst through sharing our faith and perspectives and through examining issues of our times. The Committee tries to present a balanced mix of programs that build community, enhance our spiritual life, and raise social consciousness. Programs offered by Mount Toby committees, and programs devoted to the spiritual journeys of Friends, have priority; individuals also offer programs. The Committee occasionally develops programs around special concerns in the meeting but does not take on tasks more appropriately dealt with in other committees. Quakers from other Meetings may offer programs, preferably when sponsored by a Mount Toby committee. Presenters are not paid, and donations may not be solicited.

Programs are announced in the Newsletter, on the entry doors, and during announcements after Meeting for Worship. They are offered from early September through mid June, but not on days of Meeting for Business, Fellowship lunch, Quarterly Meeting, or major holidays.

From time to time, the “11:40 Hour” at Mount Toby is used to explain or explore aspects of Quakerism.  Some of these may be listed here.

1. From Rules of Discipline to books of Faith and Practice: continuing revelation in New England Yearly Meeting from 1809 onwardAn 11:40 Hour led by Jan Hoffman, April 27, 2014.  This is a one-hour MP3 audio file with a talk followed by questions and discussion.