Mt Toby Friends Meeting is run by a variety of committees, ranging from standing committees to ad hoc committees for short-term projects. The members of standing committees are proposed by the Nominating Committee and approved by the monthly Meeting for Business. Committee clerks’ names are given on the Contacts page. Click on the colored links for more information about specific commitees. These committees are as follows:

Ministry & Worship Has under its care the meetings for worship, meetings for business (jointly with Care and Counsel}, and memorial meetings. Appoints clearness for membership committees. Presents recommendations to meeting for business on membership requests, transfers, and terminations.
Nominating Presents to the meeting for business nominations to twenty committees and eighteen individual positions.
Care & Counsel Gives pastoral care to the Meeting and general care of the functioning of committees. Appoints committees on clearness for marriage. Appoints clearness and support committees for individuals on request.
Trustees Legally responsible for taking, holding, managing or conveying property of the Meeting.
Religious Education Oversees programs of religious education and spiritual exploration for children and adults on Sundays before meeting for worship.
Young Friends Supports and assists the coordinator of youth in grades 7-12, who meet for activities and discussions.
11:40 Hour Plans programs and discussions following meeting for worship.
Fellowship & Hospitality Coordinates refreshments after meeting for worship, and monthly fellowship lunch, and plans social events.
Finance Coordinates budget and finances for the Meeting.
Grounds Maintains grounds adjacent to the meetinghouse and burial ground, schedules volunteer lawn mowing and work days.
History & Records Preserves information from the past and present for the future.
Land Manages the meeting’s forest and farmland.
Library Manages the Meeting library, including book selection and displays.
Meetinghouse Oversees the use and care of the meetinghouse.
Burial  Oversees the Burial Ground and its use.
Child Care Oversees care provided in the nursery during meeting for worship and for young children during 11 :40 Hour and meeting for business.
Climate Witness Brings forward and supports ways the Meeting can become more sustainable. Supports those who are led to a climate witness based on Quaker values.
Communications Responsible for a wide range of communications at Mt. Toby
Cambodian Support Committee Maintains contact with and provides support for the Cambodian families under the care of the Meeting in the Amherst area.
Current ad-hoc committees:
Retreat A volunteer committee formed in 2012 to plan for annual retreats, usually held in the spring, at Woolman Hill.
Immigrant Solidarity Group The Immigrant Solidarity Group was approved in September 2017 Meeting for Business to work on behalf of Mount Toby providing support to threatened immigrants in the larger community. Activities include educational events; providing information about peaceful demonstrations of support; sharing information about legislative action; building a network of support with other immigrant support networks and faith communities; and helping Mount Toby explore the depth of commitment to again offer sanctuary for undocumented immigrants at Mount Toby Meeting. Membership is self-identified.