This page holds some information about ways in which Friends can take action.  Of course one course for useful action is to participate in committee work with the meeting.  Others are listed below.

The Peace and Social Concerns committee occasionally advocates actions, and on the second Sunday of every month suggests and facilitates letter-writing to our federal or state representatives on issues of peace and social concerns.  You can prepare yourself for this day with help from the letter-writing page  and if you miss the Sunday event that page will give you information for writing letters at home.  The committee meets monthly at 7pm on the 4th Monday of the month.

The Climate Witness Committee meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month, usually in homes – contact its clerk Alan E. for location.  This group suggests actions to the meeting and initiated the Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness group and fund, which you are invited to join.  Information about this fund is here.  The committee brought a climate minute to Mount Toby which approved it after modest modifications.  The final minute is here. It recommends actions that can be taken by individuals and meetings.

A conversation about race and class in our lives, our meeting, and the wider world, is ongoing, meeting monthly.  There is a collection of reading materials which spurred the initiation of this group, here.

Several Mount Toby Friends are involved with the Alternatives to Violence program, making AVP visits to prison monthly.  To find out more about that, please contact our Clerk.