Green Electricity

What the Meeting has done to get “greener” electricity:

Our Climate Witness Committee looked into changing electricity suppliers to those that do not use fossil fuels. In Leverett where the electric company is Eversource, we had two choices: New England Greenstart and New England Wind. We suggested to the Treasurer and the Finance Committee that we switch to Greenstart, and this was approved by the Meeting.

The electric bill has two sections, one with various fees and charges for distribution (power lines, etc) and a second section for the “supplier.”  Mass Energy, through its Greenstart and Wind programs, is a supplier. The electric bill for MtToby still comes from Eversource, but Mass Energy/Greenstart is the supplier.

What you can do:

At your home, you can sign up for fossil-fuel-free electricity too! The  Mass Energy website makes it easy.  Click on “Make the switch.” You will be led to a page to click on your electric company and supply your zipcode, and then to a sign-up form. On this form you select either New England Greenstart or New England Wind, and you supply name, address, and account number, and complete the signup. You will get an email congratulating you! Then, tell Roger C, or send this email to Roger to let us keep a count for our Meeting.

New England Greenstart will add 2.4 cents/kWhr to your bill, or New England Wind will add 3.8 cents. These extra payments are tax deductible if you itemize.

About Greenstart and Wind:

The Center for Ecological Technology (CET) has a description of New England Greenstart which matches 100% of your electricity usage with renewable energy certificates from local renewable energy sources – low-impact hydro, solar, wind and “cow power.” Alan and Linda visited the anerobic digester at the Barstow farm in Hadley (route 47) and favor more of these because it supports local farmers (with a subsidy).  New England Wind is similar. The difference is that 100% of the renewable energy is from Massachusetts wind projects.