Children & Youth

nursery roomThe typical schedule described below has been frequently modified due to COVID precautions. On any given Sunday, it’s wise to check with a member of Nursery Committee, or on the Welcome page, for the current offerings ¬†

Nursery: Infants and preschoolers are cared for during pre-worship (9-10 AM Sundays) and worship (10-11 AM) in the bright and airy Nursery, with plenty of toys and activities. Two caregivers are present at all times, and parents and members are welcome as well.

Elementary: Kindergarten through 6th grade children are receive religious education from 9-10 AM. The teachers have devised a program using stories and the curriculum from Friends General Conference called Sparkling Still. Children join the adults for the first 10 minutes of worship at 10 AM and then go to the supervised Friendly Playground for the rest of the worship time.

Young Friends (Middle School thru High School)
YF have devised their own programs for the year, with the help and guidance of three seasoned adults. The monthly rotation includes group activities, a business meeting, worship, and games. See YF page for details. YF meets during adult worship (10-11 AM).


New England Yearly Meeting runs a series of weekend retreats for young Friends from 3rd grade through high school (in three age groups). See NEYM Youth Retreats.