The Communications committee was created by Mount Toby Friends at Meeting for Business in June of 2014.

The Committee has broad oversight of communications, both within Mt. Toby, and between Mt. Toby and the larger community. In particular, the Committee is responsible for helping Mt. Toby develop and maintain guidelines for

  • appropriate use of email communications,
  • appropriate use of email and the Internet in the conduct of Meeting business,
  • current information about Mt. Toby on various local college and community web pages and in appropriate Quaker publications,
  • expanding our use of social media,
  • issues of confidentiality,
  • Internet access at the meetinghouse.

The Committee provides support and oversight to

  • the Newsletter and its editor(s),
  • email lists and their minders, except for the Peace and Social Concerns listserv, which remains under the oversight of that committee,
  • the directory of members and attenders and its editor,
  • literature in the lobby and its minder,
  • the website and Web Servant, including both content and appearance of the website.