AFSC crisis

There is an urgent need for letters to be written about the current crisis in AFSC.  The western Massachusetts AFSC office (2 Conz St in Northampton, directed by Jeff Napolitano) is in danger of being shut down by the national AFSC board.  This was the topic of letter writing at Mount Toby on Sunday April 16.

We were alerted to this crisis by a communication from Adele Smith-Penniman and Roxann Callender who are our liaisons with the local office.  The letter gives a brief explanation and urges us to write letters.

Jeff Napolitano wrote a letter with a deeper explanation of the current crisis, which is here.  He and others in the Northeast Union wrote a “Northeast Union Statement and Alternative Proposal” laying out a proposal for an alternative to the closing of the local offices.

Ruth Hazzard wrote a fine letter which she sent to the entire national board of AFSC.  If you want to do the same, the names and addresses of the board are listed here. (Warning: you have to scan past some blank space.)  If you want to send just one letter, the presiding clerk of the board is: Phil Lord, 144 W Allens Lane Apt C29, Philadelphia, PA 19119-4124, Phone 215-248-2476, Cell 267-679-5025, email

A statement from Northampton Friends Meeting is listed here.