Ministry and Worship

The Ministry and Worship Committee fosters the spiritual life and growth of the Meeting and strives to enhance the religious life and fellowship of the community. The Committee

  • appoints one or more of its members to hold and then close meeting for worship on First Days;
  • carries special concern for worship groups under Mt Toby’s care;
  • offers opportunities for adult religious education and spiritual sharing, including sponsoring several 11:40 Hours each year;
  • considers requests for travel minutes and makes recommendation to meeting for business;
  • considers and responds to requests for appointing committees for the oversight of ministry;
  • appoints members of oversight of ministry committees and receives these committees’ annual reports and reports on their work to meeting for business;
  • considers all applications for membership, transfers, and terminations of membership before presenting them to meeting for business with its recommendations (F&P);
  • names and convenes clearness committees for membership and welcoming committees;
  • keeps in touch with members at a distance and junior members, asking them if their membership at Mt. Toby is still meaningful to them or if they would like to join a Meeting that is near where they live;

Jointly with Care and Counsel, Ministry and Worship

  • has under its care meeting for worship and memorial meetings
  • oversees, with Care & Counsel, meeting for business, the annual State of Society Report, the children’s summer program, and other mutual concerns
  • nominates members of Nominating Committee and brings these nominations to meeting for business for approval
  • contacts members and attenders living in the area who are absent from Meeting.

Ministry and Worship meets each month and periodically holds meetings with Care and Counsel. Copies of all Committee minutes are exchanged with Care and Counsel and given to the Clerks and to the History and Records Committee. Meeting is concerned that there be a balance of men and women on this committee. Members should be Friends. Regular attendance at meetings for worship and business is important. Six members are appointed for staggered three-year terms (4/79, 2/94).