Annual Report March 2015


The Climate Witness Committee comprised of Alan Eccleston (clerk), Linda Harris, Alice Swift, Roger Conant, Carol Lewis, Nina Weyl and Peggy Anderson had a very productive year!


Our voluntary carbon tax group has 16 participants. For 2014 we collected $2961. The recipients were The Citizen’s Climate Lobby, 350.MA, CO2 Covenant planting trees on Kilimanjaro, and Habitat for Humanity weatherization project.

We did outreach to other Quaker Meetings and Northampton, Hartford, Beacon Hill and Storrs Meetings now have a voluntary carbon tax witness group.

Representatives of our committee spoke with members of the Unitarian and First Congregational Churches in Amherst and they are considering forming groups.

We began a secular website and 6 groups and individuals with a total of 42 people signed up to participate in the tax. They collected $6500 this calendar year.

We spoke about the voluntary carbon tax at a Coop Power conference.

We sent articles about the Voluntary Carbon Tax to Quaker Earthcare Witness and to the Climate Action Now e-mail newsletter.


Our committee has worked closely with the NEYM Earthcare Committee.

We sponsored a workshop on climate change at Sessions attended by 28 people, representing 14 Meetings. Members of 7 different Meetings signed on to be contact people with the goal of having a Climate Minute on the floor of 2015 NEYM.


Mt. Toby’s Climate Minute was sent on to Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting. Changes were made and Queries were added and the Minute was approved and sent on to NEYM.

CVQM has sent a copy of the Minute to all member Meetings of NEYM asking them to approve or edit this Climate Minute and send it to NEYM by May 1st.


We worked with Northeast Solar to consider the Mt. Toby land as a possible site for a solar array. This was put on hold when the legislation changed. We have just been contacted by the Deerfield Energy Committee to see if our land is still available. This is all a very preliminary stage and if this develops as a real possibility, the idea will be brought to Meeting for Business.

We endorsed the Young Adult Friends Divestment Minute and endorsed passing a MA State Carbon Tax. We were sponsors of the December 13th Keystone Pipeline demonstration.

Members of our committee attended the Woolman Hill climate gathering. Others were instrumental in the formation of a Northampton-Amherst Interfaith Climate group.