From: Andrea Cousins

Subject: Your support urgently needed

Date: November 25, 2013 2:23:36 PM EST


Dear Colleagues:


We are writing to you as colleagues and, we believe, kindred spirits in our effort to halt the participation of health providers in the torture of prisoners. We need your support of a bill which will soon be heard in the Massachusetts Legislature, possibly in December.  It is crucial for our representatives to hear from their constituents. 


The torture of prisoners practiced by the US government, anywhere in the world, is legitimized by the state license of the psychologist or other health provider working under orders of the CIA or US Army.  We want Massachusetts to be the first state to stand up for the ethical integrity of its state license, in support of the fundamental principle of First, Do No Harm.  This would strengthen the authority of Boards of Registration to investigate alleged cases of abuse.  It would also support the right to refuse to carry out unethical orders.


Here are the House and Senate versions of the bill:


House Bill No. 2017:  An Act Prohibiting the participation of healthcare professionals in the torture and abuse of prisoners.


Jason Lewis (sponsor); Co-sponsors: Timothy Toomey, Jr., Ruth Balser, Cory Atkins, Stephen Kulik, Ellen Story, Patricia Jehlen, Elizabeth Malia, Carl Sciortino, Jr., Byron Rushing, Benjamin Swan, Paul Mark


Senate Bill No. 1011:  An Act prohibiting the participation of health care professionals in the torture and abuse of prisoners.


James Eldridge (sponsor); Co-sponsors: Benjamin Swann, Gloria Fox, Patricia Jehlen, William Brownsberger, Carl Sciortino, Jr., Cory Atkins.


Your support is especially critical if your Representative or Senator is one of the sponsors or co-sponsors.  You can find their phone numbers and addresses by Googling their names.  It would be a great help if you could attend the hearing.


You are invited to the Public Hearing: Massachusetts State House will be held on Tuesday, December 17th at 10 AM, Room A-1




Andrea Cousins, PhD, PsyD 

Carolyn Hicks, EdD

Frank Marotta, PhD

Bruce Miller, JD



Massachusetts Campaign Against Torture