Zoom How To

Hi Friends! 
This is the Zoom handout that the Communications Committee put together. It goes over the basics of joining a Zoom meeting, along with a list of individuals who are on-hand to assist. 

  1. Videos
    1. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting
  2. Written Instructions.
    1. Zoom Tour has basic information for participating in a Zoom meeting
    2. More detailed information sheet at Zoom Meeting Basics (thank you Margaret Cooley for sending this out)
  3. Personal one-on-one phone support
    1. Alice Swift
    2. Ann McNeal
    3. Andy Grant
    4. Communications Committee (Ken, roxann, Alethea, & Rebecca)
  4.    Dry Run – Testing it out!
    1. Click here to run a practice meeting: https://zoom.us/test
    2. Or you can email back and I or someone else on the Communications Committee will set up a practice Zoom meeting with you.
  5. Additional Resources, including a list of links to virtual meetings already in place
    1. Kathleen Wooten’s list of helpful Zoom info links 

Peace and Health

Alethea Tschetterwood

On behalf of the Communications Committee