On a typical Sunday morning at 10 AM, 60 to 70 of us are gathered silently in the Meeting Room at Mount Toby. Meanwhile, children, youth, and babies are attending their respective activities in other rooms. When you come into the lobby, you will find free literature about Quakerism and a greeter to welcome you. If you happen to come in late, you will find the door to the Worship Room closed. For the first ten minutes of worship, late-coming friends sit outside the room to allow worship to deepen without distractions. After that time, the greeter opens the door and ushers late-comers inside. The lobby is available during the worship hour as a place for young children and others who wish to worship there; a sound system conveys sounds from the worship room.

The Meetinghouse includes our fellowship room, a lobby with name tags and literature about Quakerism, the Worship Room, nursery and children’s rooms, and the Champney room where we have discussions and programs after Worship. See our directions page for how to reach us or contact us to arrange a ride.

Meeting for Worship is at 10am on Sundays, but the life of the meeting is very active on other days and at other times as well. See the Calendar of Events for more information.

Our Friends’ Meeting is an adventure in shared worship. It is an adventure because it is not pre-planned and has no leader┬ásave for the Light which is in and among us. We are joined with each other and the Divine in a loving unity which nurtures the discovery and growth of truth, understanding and compassion. If that sounds like reason enough to you, please come and check us out.

All are welcome to attend. You do not need to be a Member. If you are interested in membership, there is information here.