Ways to Learn More about Friends    

We at Mount Toby Meeting encourage you to consider the following ways to learn more about Friends. Please be sure to ask if you would like more information–or companionship–for any of the following ideas.

Join in Mount Toby Meeting’s activities such as:

  • Meeting for Business on second Sundays at noon
  • Fellowship Lunch on third Sundays
  • 11:40 Hour program on some other Sundays (see Calendar)
  • Midweek worship as listed in the newsletter

Read Quaker literature:

  • New England Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice (in Meeting library)
  • Friends Journal (in Meeting library)
  • Quaker Life (in Meeting library)
  • Pendle Hill pamphlets (some are in Meeting library; also at Pendle Hill pamphlets )
  • Quaker Books of Friends General Conference catalogue (www.quakerbooks.org )
  • Browse the Meeting library for other books and magazines on Quaker and related issues

Learn more about Quaker organizations:

  • New England Yearly Meeting (www.neym.org ) is the regional Quaker organization to which New England Friends, and their Monthly and Quarterly Meetings, belong. NEYM belongs to the two following organizations.
  • Friends General Conference (www.fgcquaker.org ) is a national organization of unprogrammed Friends Meetings that “provides resources and opportunities that educate and invite members and attendees to experience… God’s living presence, and to discern and follow God’s leadings.”
  • Friends United Meeting (www.fum.org ) is “an international association of Friends Meetings and Churches, organized for evangelism, global partnership, leadership development and communications.”
  • Friends World Committee on Consultation (www.fwccworld.org ) is “the international Friends organization which works with all the Yearly Meetings of Quakers worldwide … to facilitate loving understanding of diversities among Friends while we discover, with God’s help, our common spiritual ground….”

Attend meetings of Quaker groups to which Mt. Toby belongs:

  • New England Yearly Meeting Sessions, held first week of August (www.neym.org )
  • Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting, held in February, May and October

Take part in Quaker retreats and programs:

Join Quaker social justice organizations: