Starting December 19, 2021, Mt. Toby Friends Meeting will hold two concurrent meetings during our Sunday morning worship at the meetinghouse.  Worship in the Meeting Room will be limited to those adults and children who are Covid vaccinated.  Worship in the Fellowship Room will be open to all regardless of vaccination status. In order to allow for distancing, neither room will be allowed to go above an occupancy limit of 50. We will continue to require that masks be worn by all people age 3 and over when inside the building; strongly recommend physical distancing; and ask that Friends do not come inside if they have any Covid symptoms.

The worship in the Fellowship Room will also be accessible remotely via video-conferencing.

Additional information:

  • We have not yet resumed 9 a.m. adult religious education.
  • The Nursery Committee announces that the Nursery beginning Sunday, March 6, 2022, from 10-11 am during Meeting for Worship, Meeting for Business and the 11:40 Hour.   The same COVID-19 precautions as in the fall will continue: vaccinated Caregivers will wear masks and bring the children outside when the weather permits. 
    There is an air ventilator installed in the room and we ask all those who are not parents or Caregivers to refrain from entering the Nursery as a way to protect our children who are still too
    young to be vaccinated
  • Some committees have returned to meeting in-person, while others continue to meet virtually. For committee meeting info, check the calendar here or contact the committee clerk.

The Mount Toby Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
194 Long Plain Road (Route 63),
Leverett, MA 01054

Mount Toby Friends Meeting is a welcoming faith community. We come from many different religious backgrounds, including birthright Quakers, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Pagans, and those with no previous affiliation. Believing that every human being shares in the universal Light, we join together each Sunday to create an expectant silence where the spirit may enter. Our Meeting is “unprogrammed,” which means that there is no formal order of worship, but those who are moved by the spirit can speak. Thus we all are ministers as well as attenders. See also About Quaker Worship.

 For the past 350 years, Quakers have lived their lives in accordance with values of peace, justice, simplicity, and integrity. Today these values find their expression in environmental action, non-violence work in prisons, working with draft resisters, active engagement with our legislators in developing programs to help the poor and the oppressed, and a variety of actions to promote peace, both locally and in the larger world. See About Quakerism.

Welcome to our community

For more about how to participate or join in our community, see the schedule or information on ways to learn about Friends.

Our Meetinghouse is completely handicap-accessible. The worship room is equipped with an amplification system for the hard-of-hearing. We are welcoming and affirming to people of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.