Obtain permission for use of the Meetinghouse from the Meetinghouse Scheduler (Scheduler@MountTobyFriends.org), who can provide a key. The building is fully heated only when it is being used; contact the Scheduler at least two weeks in advance so that the heat can be programmed. Groups renting the meetinghouse are asked to include in information given to others the words “This is not a Quaker Meeting program.”

The entire Meetinghouse is handicap accessible. See below for detailed policies
The Champney Room holds about 40 people, is light and airy, and suitable for retreats, lectures, etc.
The Fellowship Room holds up to 100 people and is fine for parties; food and drink are allowed (but no alcohol).
The Worship Room holds 100 people, has assistive devices for hearing, and is suitable for weddings, memorials.
Call or email the Meetinghouse scheduler for more information (Scheduler@MountTobyFriends.org).


The Meetinghouse is available for use by any group seeking to develop spiritual growth, enrichment of inner life, better human relations, socials concerns, civic responsibility, and/or educational and international understanding. The meetinghouse is not available to groups practicing discrimination. No admission can be charged for admission to the Meetinghouse, although collections for social and religious causes are allowed.

There is a charge for use of the meetinghouse, except for Meeting groups. The fee for use varies from $20 to $155 depending upon the number of rooms used and duration of use. An additional fee of $ 10 per day is charged if the kitchen is used for meal preparation or clean- up. Checks for the fee should be made out to Mt. Toby Meeting of Friends. A large group or an overnight group may need to rent a portable toilet. See request for meetinghouse form for more information; fill this out after you have contacted the Scheduler.

Consistent with Friends’ beliefs, no alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises. There is no smoking inside; people smoking outside must dispose of their own litter.

The Meeting for Worship Room has been designed for meetings only; any other use should have prior permission from the Scheduler. Please do not rearrange the benches.

No lighted candles, food, or beverages are permitted in the worship room, lobby, or Champney room (north meeting room). Children may not use the library without an adult present. Groups are asked not to use furnishings for purposes other than those for which they are intended. Please no tape on walls. Report any damages to furnishing and equipment to the Scheduler.

Users of the building should clean up after their gathering and leave the premises as they found it. Groups using the kitchen should remove their food, wash and put away all dishes, and mop the floor if necessary. All trash and garbage must be removed. Cleaning supplies are in the closet in the storage room.

BEFORE LEAVING: persons responsible for a group must check that all doors are locked and all windows closed. Turn off all lights; in winter, leave all internal doors open.

(Mt. Toby Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends)
From the Meetinghouse Committee 2/00, edited 1/07