About the Mount Toby Peace and Social Concerns listserv

This listserv, an email device for communications, is operated by the Peace and Social Concerns committee. If you subscribe to it, email you send to the list is immediately forwarded to all other subscribers, so it is a handy way to disseminate announcements, but beyond that, it provides a means for having a conversation about a topic among subscribers to the list. It is not a place for Quakerly discernment or corporate decision-making; Mount Toby policy is that no electronic media may be used for corporate decision-making.

Members and attenders of the Mount Toby and Northampton Meetings may subscribe to the listserv. We hope that through the listserv Mount Toby Friends will be able to cooperate with Northampton Friends on issues of Peace and Social Concerns. The listserv is not open to the general public.

What is appropriate and what is not appropriate for posting on the list? No anti-administration rants, no forwarding of internet articles somebody thinks “should” be of interest to others, no attempt to make corporate decisions. It is a forum for appropriate announcements; constructive suggestions; information about area peace and justice events by our Meetings, AFSC, and a few other closely allied organizations; sharing of insights around peace and justice issues; minutes of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee;  proposals to be presented to Meeting for Business – that sort of thing.

To put this somewhat more explicitly:

Appropriate for the list:

  • Announcements of peace and social justice events by P&SC, AFSC, and closely related organizations
  • News of involvement by MtToby and Northampton Friends in actions, demonstrations, etc with a focus on peace and justice
  • News of local campaigns, events, etc which are already a specific focus of P&SC interest
  • Constructive suggestions for how to encourage involvement of local Friends in promoting peace and justice
  • Sharing of insights around issues of peace and justice, and discussion of these
  • Minutes and activities of the P&SC committee
  • Proposals by P&SC to be made to the meeting for action
  • and similar things.

To be avoided on the list:

  • Announcements of events by the many organizations in our area, unless they have a specific focus on peace and justice
  • Essays of a negative nature, for example criticism of the US government or political parties
  • Items which are not strongly related to the function and goal of the P&SC committee

Currently Roger Conant is the administrator of the listserv, and the Peace and Social Concerns Committee provides oversight of its operation. If you want to subscribe to the listserv, which will allow you to post messages, receive messages, read the archives, set various options, etc. ask Roger to subscribe you, by emailing him with subject “MTPSC LISTSERV SUBSCRIBE”  Be sure to include your name.